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Ed McCormick

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Topic Subject : Dave Parvin's New Book

Dear Fellow ALI Members,

This month marks the 6 month anniversary since Dave Parvin died. I was always flattered that he called me his best friend. Indeed, he was a good friend to me and I miss him. I know from your emails that those who knew him, miss him as well.

Dave was a complex and talented man. Most of you donít know that he was shot down twice in Vietnam while piloting helicopters. When he returned to civilian life he flew ambulance helicopters for the local Denver hospital, saving many lives in the process.

We know him as a talented bronze sculptor and a passionate life casting artist. Where most artists develop a favorite method and material and stick with it, Dave couldnít stop exploring and inventing new ones. He wanted everyone who would listen to him to share in his discoveries. To that end he wrote article after article for industry journals. For as long as the Art Casting Journal published, an article by Dave could be found within its covers. Later, when we published the ArtMolds Journal, Dave contributed both articles and an advice column.

He gave his articles freely to anyone who asked for them., or to anyone that attended his great week long workshops at his Denver studio. So after he passed last October, I went on a quest to make certain I located all his published works Ė 62 articles in all spanning eleven years, and put them in a 205 page book called, Casting of Angels.
Dave liked to call his young life casting models his angels, and Iím certain, though he left us so soon, he has not stopped casting angels. So it is aptly titled.

This book is now available in E-book format for free. That is just the amount that Dave charged others when he was alive. But as a long term memorial to this talented man, it is also available in soft cover, book form in print-on-demand. We created the book with no added markup for the hard copy format, either, but MagCloud charges {TOPICDESCRIPTION}.20 a page for printing, plus an extra .00 for the cover. The total amount it will cost you is thus, .50, should you wish a printed copy. It is well worth the price to have Daveís advice in your reference library, plus it will keep his memory alive for future generations of life casting artists. He would like that.

I will place a link to the E-book link in the ALI library. But in the meantime, you may view it here:

To purchase a hard copy you can do so here:

Happy casting!

Warm regards,
Ed McCormick
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