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CJ Munn

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Started On : 07-Apr-2016 at 07:03:26 AM, #Views : 6447

Topic Subject : Stolen images - please be aware

A South African lifecaster called Carl Krimchanski also sometimes calling himself Carl Krim, has stolen and used the images of many lifecasters without permission, including several of our members, giving the impression they are his work. He is even using the work of others in his marketing images, for example to sell kits. He has been confronted by at least 3 artists I know of, including myself, to demand that he removes all stolen work from his website, blogs, facebook page and other social media. Carl now claims he is being 'bullied' and refuses to accept, however clearly or many times it is explained, that what he is doing is illegal and utterly immoral. He's removed a small portion of the stolen images under duress - Facebook for example will only remove images that are flagged up by the owner, therefore those of us who recognise work he has stolen from other artists are unable to force his hand to remove all stolen images unless those artists come forward and fill out the Facebook copyright violation form (which can be found by searching in 'help'). It is hard to force his hand regarding his own website, as he seems to run his own ISP/hosting company therefore reporting him for breaking the laws that ISPs are supposed to be governed by will have to go to the next authority higher up in the chain, which I am currently researching. He is also breaking advertising regulations by using the work of others/images he does not own to advertise his products and services. He claims this is not theft as he hasn't directly claimed ownership of them, but I think we all know how obvious it is that you can't just copy other people's work to slap on your website, logos and marketing - otherwise many more people would be pinching work that looked much nicer than theirs and pretending to potential customers they have skills they don't. No logic, no reason, not even facebook getting involved and backing up those who have already made complaints about him has made this man apologise and remove all the stolen material, so we can only work together as a collective - putting pressure on him to have some pride in his OWN work and stop deliberately stealing from other artists and misleading his customers in this way. If you wish to check out his pages to see if you recognise any of the work there and to add your voice to the mix to encourage him to see the light and do the decent, right, legal and moral thing by removing them all, please see the links below:-

All help with this matter is appreciated.

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